Chapter of Man (פרשת המן)

The commentators cite the Talmud Yerushalmi that one who recites this chapter every day is assured that his sustenance will not be lacking.

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Ruchama Efrati

Posted on 22.01.2022

A segulah for livelihood is to say the Parshat Haman (Exodus 16:4-36) every day. And Rabbi Yosef said, “So that he may believe that all his needs are is attended to.” And in Yerushalmi (Brachot) it is written that anyone who says Parshat Haman every day is assured that his sustenance will not be reduced. 


Our sages said, “Anyone who says the Chapter of Man daily will not lack a livelihood.” Beforehand, say the “May it be Your will…”prayer.


It is permissible to say the Chapter of Man also on Shabbat, even though prayers for livelihood are not said on Shabbat.


Editor’s Note:

Attached below is a PDF with the Parshat Haman in both English and Hebrew. The introductory “May it be Your will” prayer is included.


Click this link to download the PDF: ARTSCROLL_parashas-haman-onkelos

Reproduced from the Zichron Meir Edition of Targum Onkelos – Sefer Shemos Copyright 2019 ArtScroll / Mesorah Publication Ltd. Reprinted with permission. 


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