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Kalever Rebbe

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The Power of Shabbat

Want to tap into the source of all the blessings and goodness in this world and the next? The source is directly related to the quality of your Shabbat observance. 

The Key to Everything

Does anyone still think that advances in science, philosophy, and education will bring an age of freedom and peace, or that senseless violence will become a relic of the past? The Kalever Rebbe explains why not... 

The Root of Everything

It’s very easy to confuse cause with effect in our physical world. What is the root cause of everything we see in the world, everything we experience, and the very laws of nature?

The Secret Weapon

Succot and Simchat Torah prepared us to fight our inner spiritual battles with confidence of success. The Kalever Rebbe shows us our secret weapon ...

The Royal Family

We've just completed the intense Ten Days of Repentance. How do we look at our past now? Where do we go from here? The Kalever Rebbe explains...

Why Attack Our Schools?

Imagine this scene... thousands upon thousands of people stand like "one person with one heart". This picture describes two conflicting groups: Am Yisrael at Har Sinai, and the masses who are lured by society to fulfill their animalistic drives.   

The Big Picture of Wealth

Contrary to popular social movements, the Torah forbids taking wealth from someone to give to the poor. Such "Robbin Hood" thinking denies Hashem's direct providence.

Consequences of Chutzpah

When your children see that Torah knowledge and a life of mitzvot are something that you cherish and admire, they will model that behavior and will aspire to those same values.

Empower Your Mind!

Each of us is a child of The King! As such, we have the ability to rule over our heart. When our mind controls our heart, we can make wonderful progress in coming closer to Hashem.

Impact of Anger in the Home

Who doesn’t get angry occasionally? It’s a normal human emotion, right? The Kalever Rebbe describes the far-reaching, devastating effects of anger upon our children.