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A Good Hostage Deal?

"If the Satan did not blind our eyes, we would all see that these children [in secular schools] are like the children on the trains to Auschwitz.” Saving a captured soul is the greatest mitzvah, especially today! 

Protection from the Philistines

Simcha (happiness) from learning Torah and doing mitzvot can eliminate harsh degrees that were not nullified during the Days of Awe! Those who do not have this true happiness can fall into the hands of those who hate the Jewish people and wish to do them harm.

Rising Antisemitism

Unbridled hatred for the Jewish people is being unleashed around the world. We say in the Nishmat prayer on Shabbat, "In all times of trouble and distress, we have no king, helper, supporter but You". Only Hashem can protect His children.

Protection from Yishmael

When facing tragedy and challenging times, we must seek Divine protection by finding the inspiration to do teshuva. However, inspiration is not sufficient. We must express our teshuva through a "kabbalah" – a verbal commitment to change our behavior.

Peace in the Holy Land

Personal holiness and personal protection – how can the former bring about the latter? The Kalever Rebbe explains that only through personal holiness can one live in Eretz Yisroel in peace and tranquility. It provides the merit to protect one from all enemies.

Shabbat Protection

A Jew who observes Shabbat declares that Hashem alone defines and controls nature. Shabbat itself instills this emuna in the Jew's heart. With that emuna, the Jew merits a level of protection that is beyond logic and reason.

The Path to Atonement

The words of Israel's sages and leaders in each generation come directly from God. They are given the ability to know exactly what they need to say to every Jew they meet.  Is it difficult to blindly heed the advice of a rabbi? Read on... 

The Path to Peace

It has been nearly eighty years since the U.N. was founded to usher in an era of peace. Yet, the world is still consumed with conflict. What is stopping the long-awaited world peace? How can the mitzvah of Sukkot help?   

Inspire Others!

What gift can we give to our King, Hashem, when everything is His?  When we strengthen the emuna in anothers soul to make him an appropriate vessel to accept Hashem's sovereignty, this is considered truly a gift for Hashem.

Be a Role Model

Your family needs to see how happy you are when you study Torah! If they see this joy, they will surely follow your example. However, if they see you focusing on other matters, it won't help to tell them to learn because you've shown them that you have different priorities in your life. 

You Are Important!

Your prayers and your teshuva are precious to our Father in heaven! Yes, YOURS!! Do not think that you are “too far gone” to be able to turn your life around, or that your teshuva would not be accepted. Read the Kalever Rebbe’s inspirational encouragement... 

Social Distancing

Do not seek out and learn from the non-Jewish culture — by what they define as permitted behavior, as "good." Society encourages us to accept everyone as a friend, even when that person is behaving immorally.