Reaching Out to Noahides

You may feel like you're walking alone and questioning your decision to strike out on this trail. Have confidence in your quiet voice that tells you you are on the right path...

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Jennifer Woodward

Posted on 14.12.2014

Shalom my sisters, my brothers.
I call out to you today to wherever you are in the world and in your journey. Know that you are a beloved child of the Creator.
This life is full of questions, many designed by the evil inclination to distract you into minutia instead of focusing on finding your truth… your path… your purpose… your mission.
I implore you to focus on love – it is the answer to the questions to the degree that we can comprehend in this life. The Creator loves you more than you can imagine and you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment. Everything is coming together in perfect timing and know that everything is for the good – despite our limited ability to comprehend.
Do not allow yourself to slide into depression. Lift your eyes to the sky and give yourself permission to wonder in amazement at the beauty and intricacy of creation. Know that you have an important role to play – your mission to complete – in this world. Allow yourself to believe it from that place beyond intellect… the place where the real you speaks with a quiet voice that is all too often drowned out.
The path the Creator has laid before you may be so different than anyone else you know. You may feel like you are walking alone and questioning your decision to strike out on this trail. Have confidence in your quiet voice that tells you you are on the right path…the path to truth.
Honor the journey that has brought you to this point. For many of us the road has been somewhat less than smooth and yet we felt drawn to break away from the crowd and find out where the road went. As we started our journey many of our companions stopped or turned back and yet we kept going and keep going forward despite not knowing the destination. Each footstep rings of higher truth and so we must continue forward.
This is our journey – individually and as a whole. There is a reason why so many are awakening to the truth of the Creator at this time. Despite how it may feel, you are not alone. Be strengthened.
Reach out – we are waiting for you to connect in your own time and in your own way when you are ready.
* * *
Jennifer invites you to participate in a regularly held Noahide on-line study group that reviews the garden series books of Rabbi Arush. You can contact her at for dates and times.

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1. Yehudit


Hi Mary Ann,   Please also see my response to Erik's questions below. There's a wealth of information out there.   May you be blessed with all good!

2. Mary Ann Huggins


Thank you for the article. I am definitely interested in the weekly study groups.

3. Yehudit - Breslev Staff


Sorry for the delay, but the activities around Uman, Rosh Hashana, and the coronavirus lockdown made reaching people difficult...


There is no Breslev community of Noahides per se in Israel. On the other hand, we do reach out to Noahides:


I also contacted the Noahide World Center here in Jerusalem. There is no official community of Noahides in Israel. Because of the Coronavirus and lockdown, people are just using the internet. If you call their office  (052-423-9986, Chaim) they can help you further.


Rabbi Tovia Singer is also active in the Noahide movement and has given talks at their national conventions. He's not in the Breslev community, but his video Righteous Gentiles May Not Fully Grasp the Full Force of the Noahide Revolution is great.


I hope this info helps to get you started. If you need further info, contact us again!


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