Why Hashem Loves the Activist 

We are living in the days of Avraham Avinu, Abraham Our Father.  It is our birthright to follow in his footsteps as mankind’s first activist. We must continue his work of acknowledging the One True God and of serving Him with determination and faith.  

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David Ben Horin

Posted on 24.12.23

The world was created three times.  Twice it was destroyed. The third time it survived.  

Adam lived 930 years. He gave birth to the succeeding generations. He introduced the concepts of sin, free choice, and forgiveness to the world.  After ten generations, God destroyed the world he lived in.  

Noah lived 950 years. He saved the world. He introduced the concept of reward for the righteous, the seven universal standards of mankind, and eating meat to the world. After ten generations, God scattered his world into a multitude of languages.  

Both of these great men, Adam and Noah, were the focus of their portion of the Torah (parshat Bereishit and parshat Noach respectively). But neither are mentioned beyond their parsha.   


Breaking His Limitations 

Avraham was different.  He deduced the Kingship of God at the age of three!  

He fought for Hashem by destroying his father’s idols. He gained followers. He confronted Nimrod, the king of the earth, and was willing to die al Kiddush Hashem when Nimrod threw him into a fiery furnace.  

Avraham lived 175 years. He introduced to the Jewish People the commandment to live in the Land of Israel, hosting guests, eternal and limitless faith in God, and the covenant of circumcision.  

Avraham is the first to be mentioned beyond a single parsha in the Torah. He is mentioned hundreds of times through the Book of Deuteronomy whose events take place over three hundred years later.  

How did Avraham merit to outlive his parsha?   


Avraham’s Mission 

Adam and Noah knew the truth, but the world didn’t listen.  

Adam fasted for 120 years after the sin in the Garden of Eden. Noah spent 120 years building the ark. People had time to reflect on what they were doing and mend their ways. Adam and Noah were shining lights to the world. Anyone who chose to look could see the truth and live accordingly.  

Avraham refused to shine like a light. He chose to blaze like a fire.  A fire’s job is to spread its flame to everything it touches. When a fire shares a part of its flame with another object, that object gets its own flame while the original fire maintains its strength.  

This is Abraham.   


A Holy Cause 

Avraham rebelled against his father. He rebelled against the country of his birth. He rebelled against all the idols of the day. He rebelled against what society considered to be moral, socially just, and progressive. He rebelled against 2,000 years of what everyone was comfortable with and pledged to change the course of history by recognizing the King of the earth and refusing to follow anyone else.  

By following the One True God, Avraham rebelled against mankind. He was just like Adam and Noah throughout their lives.  

Then, he took it one step further. He refused to be a spark in a world of darkness. Like a flame, he vowed to spread his light to others – Avraham became an “activist”.  

He invited people to his tent for dinner and taught them about the True God. He begged Hashem for more guests, even as he nursed the most sensitive part of his body after performing the covenant of circumcision at the age of 99.  

From the moment he learned the truth, he made it his mission to tell everyone. His vision was to transform mankind into a God-serving world.  

It made him immortal. Right now, almost four millennia later, there are millions of Jews around the world all praying the Shemonei Esrei prayer three times a day by invoking God’s Name as the God of Avraham.


Fighting for the Truth Today 

Once again, our world is drowning in darkness. On Oct 7, the world bore witness to women being raped, men beheaded, and babies burned alive by Hamas terrorists.  

The world did nothing to stop the slaughter during the Holocaust. Likewise, world media today is siding with Hamas to the point of justifying their savagery. 

Only a world that has blinded itself to Truth can reach such an abyss of human behavior. How can we convince the world that murder is wrong when they refuse to acknowledge He Who establishes that murder is wrong? 

We are living in the days of Avraham. We possess a truth that few hold. We own knowledge that most have relinquished.  

It is our birthright to follow in the steps of our forefather Avraham and to continue his work. We must acknowledge the One True God of Heaven and earth. We must serve Him with determination and with unbounded and unbending faith. We must scream to the four corners of the earth that His Name is One, His universe is one, His Torah is one, His reign is one, and His vision of right and wrong is one. 

We, the sons of the world’s first activist, will continue the revolution until the world is set right.  


David Ben Horin lives in Afula with his family, millions of sunflowers, and Matilda, our local camel. David‘s Israeli startup, 300 Marketing Solutions, is a lean marketing agency for startups and small businesses that creates and promotes SEO-optimized ROI-driven to the right audience on LinkedIn to make your business the star of the show. 

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