You Get What You Ask For

The world is increasingly dangerous for Jews and supporters of Israel. How can we protect ourselves? Let’s take our enemies’ message to heart and grab our weapons! 

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Rachel Avrahami

Posted on 14.11.23

Jews around the world are alarmed by the sharp increase in antisemitism around the world in the wake of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Besides the war on the ground in Gaza, there are “battles” being fought in protests, both for Israel and ever-increasingly violent mobs of pro-Palestinian protesters, in addition to the war of comments all over social media.  


I just saw a comment on X that “all Israelis are illegal occupiers.” With one swipe we’re no longer civilians, no longer HUMANS, we’re “occupiers” – and therefore our death and abduction is “justified,” dismissed and even celebrated. Who cares about international law or history?  



So I add – if antisemites say essentially that we’re all soldiers, no civilians here – then let’s realize that’s a wake up call from G-d Himself! Everyone needs to fight in this war! Our weapon is prayers and mitzvot – begging G-d to save us, our soldiers, our captives. Our weapon is holiness and modesty, that Hashem should be “in our camp… to save us” and not “turn away from behind us.”   


Even the nations recognize that, like it or not, we are all soldiers in Hashem’s army – so let’s act like it!!!  


We have already seen the silence of the UN, the EU, and other international bodies and countries in the face of the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. We can’t make them care. We can’t make them not hate us or our continued existence despite all their efforts to the contrary.  


I keep thinking about all the miracle stories of our enemies. In the Gulf War, some captured Iraqi generals admitted that they sent thousands of missiles, they carpet bombed Israel with everything including chemical weapons! And they watched the missiles simply disappear off the radar. Only 39 missiles fell in Israel – 39, for the 39 types of prohibited work on Shabbat and the 39 lashes that can be given by the Jewish court. Hashem sent them to atone for the people. 


There are so many more stories. They openly admit that “their G-d is moving the missiles.” So why are they still fighting? Why continue to fight G-d Himself???  


The answer is that it doesn’t make any sense, correct. But Hashem is making them fight against all reason, and be stubborn against all reason – because we Jews are fighting Hashem against all reason! We are stubborn and refuse to listen to Him, to obey His laws for our own benefit! It’s midda k’neged midda – tit for tat.


The reality is that Israel is the only country in the world that is forced to defend itself for defending itself. The world is screaming for a cease-fire. Excuse me, is anyone screaming for Ukraine to make a cease-fire? Since when does anyone get to say boo about what another sovereign country decides to do? And when Hamas still has hundreds of hostages???  


It’s not just a double-standard – it’s downright ridiculous! I continuously remind myself that all of these people have a special place in Hell, don’t worry! And the media is first in line… 


So, what CAN we do in the face of all of this terrifying reality that we cannot directly change??? Clearly, we need special protection from above! 


Rabbi Shalom Arush makes an awesome comment in The Garden of Emuna 

He says that the only way to merit 100% Divine Providence – is to ask for it!!!  

And that someone who doesn’t ask for it and doesn’t focus on the reality that Hashem is the only power and only good comes from Him – can have real evil, that was not originally part of his soul correction, happen to him, G-d forbid! 


The idea is simple. Hashem loves us and only wants to do good things for us. Every parent knows just how much they want the best for their children, even better than for themselves! Could it be that the Creator is less loving than a flesh and blood parent?! As Rabbi Arush repeats over and over: Emuna is – Hashem loves me, everything is good and it’s only getting better and better! 


So, what’s the catch? Everything goes according to the emuna! We have to believe!!! 


Hashem is pushing us, individually and collectively, way past our ability to cope. He is asking us to wake up, to repent, to realize that our old way of living is gone, and He wants to give us something so much better in response. 


We only have to respond – but we must respond. 


We have to dig deep and create a connection in this darkness, which will light our way. To recognize that Hashem is always there with us. To believe He is here, loving us.  


To not shrug off thousands of missiles and hardly any casualties, and a baited and ready Hamas just waiting for the IDF to come in and get slaughtered – and not see Hashem protecting us, and fighting for us, with outright miracles! 


To work hard on our emuna, building those emuna muscles, that Hashem is the only power in the world, ein od milvado. Nothing and no one can hurt me, or anyone who calls out to Him, if it’s not His will. And if it’s His will, then it’s good – so there is nothing to be afraid of! 


Rabbi Arush promises that anyone who strengthens their emuna and trust in Hashem in this way – Hashem will personally guard him and nothing bad can happen to him. As King David says in Psalms, “G-d is with me – what can a human do to me?” (Psalm 118:6) 


And the opposite is true as well – if we don’t do this work, if we don’t focus on Hashem’s protection, if we don’t work on our absolute rock-solid belief that the only power in the world is G-d – then G-d forbid real evil could happen.  


In the face of the evil on the streets, emuna isn’t just a nicety anymore. It’s our ticket to salvation. Please read my article Not Just Another War which includes specific segulot for protection during this very dangerous time.


They know we are Hashem’s people – that’s why they hate us!  


But when we step up and call out to Hashem, to fight for us, to protect us, because really this is His war after all – and we act like Hashem’s people by trusting in Him and really try, really WANT, to return to His ways – then we will surely see wonders even greater than the Exodus of Egypt! 


Amen soon and in our days! 



Rachel Avrahami grew up in Los Angeles, CA, USA in a far-off valley where she was one of only a handful of Jews in a public high school of thousands. She found Hashem in the urban jungle of the university. Rachel was privileged to read one of the first copies of The Garden of Emuna in English, and the rest, as they say, is history. She made Aliyah and immediately began working at Breslev Israel.   
Rachel is now the Editor of Breslev Israel’s English website. She welcomes questions, comments, articles, and personal stories to her email: 

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