A Few Steps Ahead

Hashem is indeed looking out for us during these times of uncertainty and upheaval...

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Tamar Becker

Posted on 08.08.23

After reading Rabbi Arush on Coronavirus, Part 1, I realized that I have had such  hashgacha pratis (Divine Providence) in my life since the coronavirus made its debut on the world scene. 

Hashem was preparing me for these times for several years already. The upheaval I went through (see Miles to Go…Before I Sleepalmost two years ago shook me to the core. Still, I relied on my emuna that everything would work out for the best – and it did!  

The job that I got was a dream job. The company was showing strong growth, so much so that investors were willing to put in a generous amount of money. After a little more than a year on the job, the Coronavirus hit the world economy. All investment monies were frozen, leaving my company’s CEO no choice but to do a massive layoff, leaving only a skeleton staff to keep the company running 

Letters would be issued to each employee in order to receive unemployment benefits. However, since I’m at the legal retirement age, I am not eligible for those benefits and would be forced to retire permanently 

Immediately after the CEO’s bombshell announcement, I spoke with a team member briefly about the layoff. He offhandedly commented, “I’ll continue to work even if they do lay me off. I need to keep my skills sharp for when this crisis is over. Hashem clearly put that idea into his brain because I needed to hear it – as it turns out, that man was not fired, but I was 

About an hour later, my manager met with me and told me that I would be laid off. With the above idea already planted in my brain, I broached my wild idea to continue working without pay to my manager. My manager was enthusiastic, but said that I absolutely cannot work for free. She would approach the CEO with my idea but ask for reduced hours and at minimum wage. Hashem put that idea into her brain because I wouldn’t have asked for a cent, much less minimum wageThe CEO AGREED – I was floored!  

Ironically, I lost my previous job because of age, but age saved my current, much better job. Only Hashem could fine-tune circumstances to always be for my benefit!  

Hashem’s Divine providence didn’t stop with income. He even took care of my transportation needs! Normally, I buy a monthly bus card that I can use anywhere in Jerusalem. It’s expensive, but there is no limit to the number of rides during the month. A month ago, my magnetic bus card needed to be replaced, so in the interim, I bought 60 shekels of bus fares. Since I’m now working from home, there’s no need for a monthly bus pass and I already have quite a few bus fares prepaid. 

And there’s more! The day before Shushan Purim, I decided to do my quarterly grocery shopping when I stock up on EVERYTHING. A few days later, the government started shutting down industries that put considerable stress on supplies. 

And there is even more! My washing machine had a NDE about two weeks ago and was deemed irreparable. I bought a new one on super sale since not many people are making big purchases with the entire situation and companies wanted to increase demand, and it was delivered the last working day before severe emergency regulations limiting movement went into effect. 

At the time, the washing machine, the quarterly grocery shopping, a conversation with a colleague at work, and the bus tickets seemed to be normal events. In retrospect, Hashem was always a few steps ahead of me. 

Emuna now is much more precious than just a month ago when everything was running smoothly and successfully. My loving Father is saying to me, “Don’t worry, Tamar’ke, right now I have some big things to do in the world, but I’m still taking care of you. You’re going to be fine.” 

May we all merit the geulah b’rachamim (the Redemption with mercy)! 

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