Part 2 – Don’t Be Afraid!

Do not be afraid! Strengthen your emuna. Rabbi Arush gives advice from the Aleph-Beit book how to save yourself from quarantine.

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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Posted on 16.03.20

Due to time constraints, I unfortunately do not expect to be able to post word –for-word translations of Rabbi Arush’s nightly live broadcast, although I will do my best to quote Rabbi Arush’s exact words as much as possible. Instead, I hope to post summaries of what Rabbi Arush discussed, in order for everyone to benefit from the lessons he gives us about the situation and what we can and should do about it in the most time-efficient manner possible. This way I can get you more information as fast as possible as the situation changes in real time and Rabbi Arush teaches us more!



Rabbi Arush brought two different Torah commentaries: Torat Natan and Shomrei Emunim. Both books discussed the same principle: During a plague, the most important thing is not to be afraid! Someone who is afraid of the plague, actually gives power to the Satan to continue to plague and becomes susceptible to it, G-d forbid!


However, someone who trusts in Hashem and believes in Hashem – the plague has absolutely no power over him whatsoever! This is because by holding onto your emuna in Hashem, you are literally holding onto Hashem Himself – and when you are with Hashem, nothing can touch you!


Therefore, the most important thing is not to be afraid at all! Only to be strong in emuna. Rabbi Arush again quoted Psalm 121, and said to say this Psalm and strengthen your emuna! Hashem guards His people from all evil! He guards your soul! Trust Hashem – no fear!


Rabbi Arush continued and said: It’s not like Hashem created the Coronavirus, and now stepped back and is no longer overseeing it with his Divine providence. It’s not like the virus is now suddenly spreading on its own power, naturally infecting more and more people. G-d forbid! The truth is that every Coronavirus has an address. Hashem is choosing who will be where, who will be in quarantine, who will live etc. etc. with his personal Divine guidance!


Rabbi Arush also brought Rebbe Nachman’s book Sefer HaMiddot – in English, the Aleph Bet Book. Rabbi Nachman wrote this book when he was about 11 or 12, and then added to it in Section Two later on in life. The book explains every single character trait, and important things about it.


There is a section in the book called Pidyon Shevuim – Redeeming Captives. In it, Rabbi Nachman explains the conditions under which a person becomes liable to become a prisoner by the Heavenly Court. Rebbe Nachman says there, that someone who is unable to leave his house, is considered to be as someone in jail, or a prisoner. Hence, anyone who is in quarantine is considered to be as if he is in jail. Hence, Rabbi Arush quoted from this section, on all the different reasons why someone might be put into jail (of whatever form, including home quarantine) according to Rebbe Nachman. Rabbi Arush didn’t comment too much on these, just read them. You can look up the entire section on page 396 of the revised Aleph Bet Book, but here are a few that Rabbi Arush quoted in particular:


Arrogance causes a person to be put in jail.


Homosexuality causes a person to be put in jail. Not nice to talk about it, but that’s what the book says, Rabbi Arush commented.


Someone who comes to the Tzaddik for advice and then doesn’t heed that advice is taken captive.


Sexual immorality can cause someone to be put in jail. Rabbi Arush commented that the main part of the lust for sexuality comes from the eyes, and this is why we must guard our eyes.


Lashon hara causes a person to be put in jail. Rabbi Arush comments: One of the main tools for evil speech in our days is social media and the Internet/smartphones. Even if there was no evil speech on it, it would be forbidden, because what are you doing wasting so much time on something that does not bring you to your purpose and rectification in this world? Why do you need this information? This one did that to the other, etc.? My rule has always been: If it doesn’t have anything to do with me, then I don’t want to know about it! Who has time to even listen?!


This is in addition to the fact that a fantastic way to get rid of fear and anxiety is to stop listening to the news! It is tried and tested!


And let’s face it – we know these things are full of evil speech, outright lies and slander, and worse! Which makes it even worse!


And this isn’t even to speak about falling into the sexual lust and immorality and websites that are on the Internet…


Rabbi Arush also commented that someone who helps bring other people back to Hashem in teshuva is protected from being put in jail. Therefore, it is crucial to distribute and spread emuna! Especially Likutei Moharan! Rabbi Arush added.


The Editor comments: Rabbi Arush didn’t say it outright, but the obvious reason for these quotations is to give someone in quarantine advice on what they need to repent for, since there is no suffering without sin. For the rest of us, what we should be sure to separate ourselves from in order to spare ourselves from the need for quarantine G-d forbid.

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