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Who Wants Mashiach – Yemot HaMashiach

Redemption is a long and sometimes difficult process, both on the personal level and on the national level. Redemption is the process of tikkun (rectification). Rabbi Arush explains what we can do to effect our personal redemption-before the Mashiach arrives.

Who Wants Mashiach?

We all want Mashiach! But what is the “Mashiach” that we’re praying for – someone to solve our personal problems and make life wonderful? Rabbi Arush gives clear guidance on what the Mashiach is really coming to do, and how we can hasten that day. A MUST READ!

Israel’s Blossoming Redemption

In the Days of Mashiach, Hashem will distract the world so that when Mashiach arrives. We're so busy focusing on social and political events in Eretz Yisrael that we might miss signs of unfolding redemption. We’re in for a beautiful surprise!  

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