The Geula is Here!

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Posted on 06.05.24

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When is Mashiach coming? Why hasn't he come yet, given our severe tribulations?

There are things we must do to bring Mashiach: -teshuvah, thank Hashem, strengthen emuna, and support outreach. Mashiach will NOT come to solve your problems, so get to work!

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1. Shmuel Avrahami


HaRav said: “last Friday I returned from the field, as I was exiting my car I met my daughter. I said to her, “do you see this Jew here? This Jew just met Moshiach!” She didn’t know what I was saying. I said, “he just now did an hour of hitbodedut! [personal prayer]” When a person does teshuvah, when he thanks HaShem, when he strengthens himself in emuna, what is he lacking!

A person wants an easy solution without working for it. Moshiach will come and all the problems will be solved. Even when Moshiach comes everything will not be automatic. You also need to work. So work now!!!

Take out of your head that nonsense, that foolish thought that when Moshiach will come you won’t have to work hard! There’s no such thing!!! “

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