"baseless love (ahavat chinam)" in Articles

Helping From a Distance

Many people who live outside of Israel have come to volunteer time and expertise during the war. Volunteering made them participants rather than spectators. What can those who cannot make the trip do to help?

We Must Unite!

Rabbanim tell us that they are seeing a wave of teshuvah never seen before. What is the surest sign that our teshuvah is sincere? When there is unity amongst ourselves! 

Together We Will Win

Rabbi Arush brings a powerful message of hope! “Together we will win” is always true, every day in our lives. Only with this togetherness can we end the darkness, emerge from exile, and merit the complete redemption in a merciful way.

The Call for a Ceasefire

How great is the power of achdut (unity)! If we make a "ceasefire" by stopping the fire of divisiveness and hatred among us and we strengthen our achdut, we will surely merit Hashem's protection and usher in the final redemption.

baseless love (ahavat chinam) In Tv