"baseless love (ahavat chinam)" in Articles

We are Responsible for Our Brothers

We are going through a very long, difficult, and painful period, and the end is not in sight. We must feel the distress of every Jew! We hear the painful voices of those who say, “They are not our brothers. We must wake up and increase feelings of brotherhood with all our might. A MUST READ!

Life’s Lessons from my Autistic Son

Witness the transformation of frustration into fulfillment as my son's refusal to shower became a powerful metaphor for our relationship with God. This story will touch your heart and change your perspective on everyday struggles.

Helping From a Distance

Many people who live outside of Israel have come to volunteer time and expertise during the war. Volunteering made them participants rather than spectators. What can those who cannot make the trip do to help?

We Must Unite!

Rabbanim tell us that they are seeing a wave of teshuvah never seen before. What is the surest sign that our teshuvah is sincere? When there is unity amongst ourselves! 

baseless love (ahavat chinam) In Tv