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Define the Target

Our goal on Leil HaSeder is that our children will become bigger believers, truly trusting in Hashem’s goodness, speaking with Hashem at every step, and always looking forward to the Geula and yeshua, in those days, at this time. 

The Road to Freedom

During the Seder, we are commanded to feel that we were personally liberated from Egypt. This takes real effort over time - how can we feel liberated when we're in such chaotic times?

Searching for Crumbs

Passover cleaning, kids, crumbs everywhere, pressure...IIEEEE! How do we properly deal with our children when we are under the pressure of Passover cleaning?

Pesach Recipes

Pesach, the holiday when Jews eat only unleavened bread, commemorates the exodus from Egypt. The dietary restrictions can be challenging. Here are easy-to-make recipes with minimum preparation time.

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