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We Must Unite!

Rabbanim tell us that they are seeing a wave of teshuvah never seen before. What is the surest sign that our teshuvah is sincere? When there is unity amongst ourselves! 

The Mission of Every Jew

Since October 7, there hasn’t been a specific hero who turned the tide of the warThousands of acts performed by hundreds of thousands of soldiers are moving us, inch by inch, to victory. Every Jew (yes, YOU!) is a warrior in this spiritual battle. 

Don’t Be Sad

Learn the lesson of Yosef and his brothers. A person cannot live a happy life when he is constantly jealous of others. Don't allow this negative emotion to entrap you in a state of depression! Rather, live a happy life that is void of hatred and jealousy.

Together We Will Win

Rabbi Arush brings a powerful message of hope! “Together we will win” is always true, every day in our lives. Only with this togetherness can we end the darkness, emerge from exile, and merit the complete redemption in a merciful way.

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