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Discipline with Love

Let us never forget that every one of us is a precious and cherished child of the King of Kings. Some behaviors are simply beneath our lofty stature!

History Repeats Itself

In these times, when it is harder for everyone to make a living, let's pay more attention to our friends: listen to them, encourage them, be considerate. Give more tzedaka and help. Read an unbelievable, true story of such a person...

Giving is Living 

As we progress through the three weeks of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple and our extended exile, let’s remember that the cause is baseless hatred. This can only be remedied by fostering love of Yisrael, both within ourselves and others.

Casting My Vote

The ONLY vote that counts - a vote for merit! To merit that every Jew knows the pure joy of serving Hashem. To merit that every Jew feels the absolute happiness of being infused with a life of Divine meaning and real purpose.   

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