"Noahide (bnei Noach)" in Articles

Defeat Hamas Now! 

We are in a war of good vs evil, light vs darkness. Every day, we see Hashem's miracles for His people in His land.  All our prayers, mitzvot, Torah learning, charity, and kindness count. There is no such thing as "small"!

A Noahide Chanukah Diary

“I printed up instructions for how to light the candles, where to place them. We celebrated with an awkward tension. How do we do this? We have no cultural references.”

Tragedy in Texas

How do we understand the painful tragedy in Texas? More than that, what is the lesson for us, whether Jew or non-Jew? What can we do in the memory of those precious children, so they have not died in vain?

Noahide (bnei Noach) In Tv