[15]Your Continued Existence| Rabbi Yonatan Gal’ed

32 min
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Without Emuna, why should a person do good and distance himself from evil? Why raise a family? Why be moral? Without Emuna, people grab what they can and live for today… But, with Emuna…

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1. Corrine


Please continue this inEnglish. It is such a blessing to be taught by him Thank you

3. Maricela


El jardín de la Emuna Universal Rab sus videos son inmensamente poderosos, cuando podr?amos escuchar este taller en espa?ol? Gracias y que Hashem les siga bendiciendo a usted y a todo el equipo, realmente son una hermosa Luz.

4. Shmuel Avrahami


WOW!!!! Amazing class by Rabbi Galed.   Thank You HaShem for Rabbi Galed! Spreading the light of truth and saving people from the Love Boat cruise/snooze.

6. Brigitte Ventura


Comment Me he acostumbrado a escucharle Rab? Yonathan Gales en espa?ol ,que lo encuentro extra?o "in this lenguage" but The more important is The spiritual Messenger of Emuna ??.Thank you

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