"Elul" in Articles

Signs of Summer

Along with the heat and the massive temptation to misuse our limbs, our eyes, and our minds, the summer ushers in the bloom of the dates, the pomegranates, and the olives.

Climb the Spiritual Ladder

Do we truly believe we can correct our less-than-stellar attributes? All too often, we answer ourselves that it's a waste of time, because it's too difficult to change…

The Experiment

The “trial basis” is a wonderful way to circumvent the Evil Inclination, especially in Elul. Anytime we increase modesty, the EI is quick to fight back…

The Anti-Arrogance Tool

We are tested at every moment; that's why we must listen so carefully to the inner voice that asks, "Where are you?" Do we have an answer? Do we know our true place in life?