Wartime Community Needs

Chut shel Chessed urgently needs funding for increased security for the schools and community, as well as school books and supplies for displaced children!


The People of Israel, especially those in Eretz Yisrael, are facing unique difficulties during the Simchat Torah War.  


Jews in many towns and kibbutzim in the south have been temporarily moved to other locations.  Businesses, families, and communities have been completely uprooted for an indefinite period of time. Many refugee families have come to Jerusalem and are being housed in hotels around the city. As the war drags on, families who ran from their homes with nothing are now registering their children in our schools. We must provide them with everything! School supplies and backpacks, books, much needed after-school programs (which provide lunch and also help with homework) and more! 


Additionally, the Chut shel Chessed community, as with other communities, is being required to increase security. We need to hire guards at the schools to stay through the end of the after-school programs, in addition to paying for guns for retired IDF soldiers who now attend the Yeshiva. Since the children can no longer safely play outside, we need to expand the library and indoor toys for the children on their break as well. A focus is being put on activities and books that help the children cope with the fear and anxiety caused by the difficult security situation. 


Chut shel Chessed is rising to the daunting challenge that these Jews face and is  providing the following items: 

      • School supplies – $150 per child 
      • After-school activities – $50/child/month 
      • Children’s books and toys – $200 per child
      • School guards (now mandatory during the war) – $100 per week 
      • Automatic weapons for guards – $1000 per guard


Rabbi Arush prays daily for everyone who supports Chut shel Chessed on a monthly basis multiple times a day, including in his personal prayers, every time he recites the Blessing after Meals, and more. Rabbi Arush has spoken multiple times about how important these prayers are, and that people who give even in larger one-time amounts truly lose out. Now, these special prayers will be yours too, if you select monthly donation on the next screen. 


You can also receive the Segula for Protection with a donation of at least $60 a month for a year or more. Make sure to contact the Editor to ensure that the segula is added to your thank you gift –

To donate through a representative in our Jerusalem offices, contact, Whatsapp +972523868452, or call 1-917-722-7795. 


After your online contribution is processed, you will receive a receipt by email.  Be sure to forward the receipt to along with your prayer request and your name (first and middle name, and mother’s first and middle name) so that it can be added to Rav Arush’s prayer list.