Spiritual Iron Swords for IDF Soldiers

A few years ago, Rabbi Arush, who was a combat soldier in an elite airborne rescue unit, established the “Shalom to the Soldier” unit at Chut shel Chessed. This unit’s job is to outfit our heroic soldiers who give themselves for the sanctity of Hashem and the defense of the Holy Land. The outfit that Rabbi Arush gives is a spiritual “bulletproof vest”.

The soldiers of this unit at Chut shel Chessed are Rabbi Arush’s students. Most of them served in the IDF combat units and are still on active reserve duty. They have security access to IDF bases and can go to base canteens and other gathering places to encourage the soldiers, distribute a miniature Likutei Moharan for their pockets, and tzitzit for those who ask, along with coffee and cake. Many women in the community are baking for the soldiers, and the students are distributing their baked goods along with notes from the children. All of these serve as “spiritual shields”.

At this difficult time, when the sword of our enemies is raised to kill us, we want to raise our spiritual iron swords at them. We want to fulfill the prophecy of King David who stood before Goliath and said in the name of God:

“For not by their sword did they possess the land, nor did their arm help them, but by Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of Your countenance – for You favored them.”(Psalms 45:4)

May we merit to reach as many soldiers as possible, pray with them before they go to the fierce battles on the Gaza border, put on tefillin with them, and have the privilege of wrapping them in a tallit. These are the Iron Dome and spiritual bulletproof vest that saved our people for 2,000 years!

Chut shel Chessed can do all of this thanks to the generosity of good people who understand the true need of our soldiers.

We have witnessed soldiers getting out of tanks or jeeps just before leaving for battle, approaching the members of the “Shalom to the Soldier” unit, and asking for a booklet of Tikkun Klali.  Soldiers asked Rabbi Arush’s students to read the words of the Psalms with them, and then the soldiers admitted with a bit of embarrassment that they had never read a chapter of Psalms!

In a different story, a commander followed after the “Shalom to the Soldier” unit in order to receive a “Tefillat Haderech” (Traveler’s Prayer) sticker for his  vehicle. We have many more emotional stories such as these.

You can also receive the Segula for Protection with a donation of at least $60 a month for a year or more. Make sure to contact the Editor to ensure that the segula is added to your thank you gift –

Come and take part in raising our spiritual iron swords by donating. Each miniature Likutei Moharan is 10NIS, 100NIS (about $25) for 10. A typical donation is 400 NIS for 40 Likutei Moharans.

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To donate through a representative in our Jerusalem offices, contact, Whatsapp +972523868452, or call 1-917-722-7795. 

After your online contribution is processed, you will receive a receipt by email.  Be sure to forward the receipt to along with your prayer request and your name (first and middle name, and mother’s first and middle name) so that it can be added to Rabbi Arush’s prayer list. 

Help the “Shalom to the Soldier” unit embrace as many of our beloved children as possible before they leave to defend the people of Israel!