Practical Laws of Waking Up in the Morning

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Rabbi Elchanan Shalom Elgrod's lesson on Jewish Laws and customs is both timely and practical. Rabbi Elgrod draws from his vast knowledge of Torah and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.

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1. Anonymous


The Practical Laws of Waking Up in the Morning- a question B"H What if one cannot go to the bathroom before, if you cannot go yet? What to do then? Please let me know.

2. Devorah


Degrading Hashem's creations The speaker is knowledgeable on the subject of halacha but I did not appreciate the comment he made that the Arabs should be wiped out. They are also human beings with feelings and belief in Hashem and have a role in Hashem's creations. I don't feel that a spiritual leader should be talking like that.

3. Tikvah Ruth


POWERFUL! One of the best shiurim I've listened to explaining the importance of the morning prayer ritual. Till now, I never comprehended why but this short video is simply a must watch. Highly highly recommend it!

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