Meeting With the King

A special collection of stories, teachings, and other “jewels” about personal prayer.
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description of book A special collection of stories, teachings, and other “jewels” about personal prayer.

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About the Author

Rabbi Shalom Arush

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The perfect set for married couples

The perfect set includes the 2 international best-selling books of Rabbi Shalom Arush - for a man and for a woman The Garden of Peace, Rabbi Shalom Arush’s marital guide for men, has already tranformed the lives of thousands and thousands of people the world over. The benefits that a husband will attain both on a spiritual and a material level defy description, once a husband gets to the root of his marital problems and makes his wife first place in his life. The nagging and complaints will disappear, as well as the petty requests and the demands on his time. The husband will feel the benefit of Divine assistance and will succeed in whatever he does. Women's Wisdom: The Garden of Peace for Women – English Women's Wisdom, The Garden of Peace for women, is finally here! Easy to read and choc full of pertinent information, it is designed both for women who are not yet married as well as for women who have already celebrated their golden anniversary. There are times when we search our souls and ask ourselves, "Why aren't we fulfilling our potential? Are we aware of our own tremendous power?" A woman must know her phenomenal intrinsic value and capabilities. Through this understanding, she derives the strength to withstand all of her trials and challenges, and she becomes more effective in building her home. As King Solomon says, "A wise woman builds her home, and the fool, with her own hands destroys it" (Mishlei 14:1).



  • Number of pages: 64
  • Cover type: soft
  • editor: Rabbi Shalom Arush