When Someone Harms You

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If someone treats you unjustly, you obviously feel hurt and get angry. But are things really as they appear to be?

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1. Yehudit


Comment to Barbara Following up on the EDITOR's comment, you might find the articles in the Dr. Emuna series that address these questions to be helpful.   Another helpful article is Say Thank You for ABUSE?!! 



Response to Barbara Dear Barbara,   Excellent question! So glad you commented.   Certainly in this lifetime, you did nothing to deserve such abuse! However, none of us are here for the first time and it is certainly possible to receive punishment in this lifetime for offenses committed in previous lifetimes.   Furthermore, the Creator of the World has considerations that we cannot understand. Many examples and stories are in The Garden of Emuna of how seemingly terrible things are really for the best and I highly recommend reading it. However, generally these are questions that are not answered until a person finishes their time on this earth.   That being said, it is absolutely true that if from here on out, if you choose emuna, and you choose to the believe that certainly Hashem did even this to you for an ultimate purpose which is very good even if you do not currently understand it, then in the merit of this emuna, Hashem can heal you of your past and give you a beautiful present! Whatever your past, you can now choose good and get very good back.

3. barbara


abuse i'm having a difficult time understanding how my father's emotional and mental abuse are from HaShem. i spent most of my childhood in fear because he was always angry. he made my mother cry, and he made her mother cry by forbidding us to see her on the way home. i don't remember what transgressions i committed to deserve the punishment. can you explain? i would very much like some guidance.

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