Rav Arush Q&A in English – with Assaf Harush

55 min
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Your questions about Moshiach answered! Is this the year, how will he do it, and what will happen afterwards. Assaf asks how to deal when one person comes closer to Hashem, but the rest of the family is still secular.

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1. Yehudit - Breslev Staff


Answer to Lana Hi Lana,   Thanks for your feedback - we didn't forget about this video.   It is currently being processed by our Video people so that the YouTube mp4 file can be used in our Breslev video software.   Breslev Staff

2. Lana


Where is the show with Rabbi Yonatan Gal'ed??? Please upload it!!!!

3. Aracelys Figueredo


Thank you for sharing with such enthusiasm Thank you for your job. This is the most crucial time where we need to unify our love with Emuna and spread it around the world. Baruch HaShem. ??

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