Rabbi Shalom Arush – What will Happen When Everyone has Ahavat Yisrael?

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Think about the following situation:
One day, you get up in the morning and see that the whole world is shining with an incredible spiritual light.
All the reality you have known up to that moment is replaced by a Divine harmony flowing with love.
Everyone smiles at everyone, everyone is happy, everyone loves everyone.
No more disputes and no slander, and who even remembers that there once used to be dark concepts such as "jealousy", "hate" and "evil eye"?
You look around and everyone is healthy.
You are looking for some poor man to give him some charity on the street but that's not necessary anymore, because now everyone is rich.
Everyone is feeling good and having success and they are just happy. So yes, this is a brief description of what will happen when everyone loves their neighbor!

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