The Cup of Salvations

Made of pure silver, this cup contains the names of all 64 sacred Rivers of Paradise. This was a hidden remedy discovered by the great Rabbis and scholars, the Rasha”sh and Rabbi Yosef Taitatzak, zt”l, 300 years ago.


There is a great issue in drinking from a Kiddush cup containing the names of the Rivers of Paradise. The saintly Rasha”sh guaranteed those who drink from it great benefits and success in the spiritual as well as physical areas in life. By virtue of this cup, many have recovered from serious illnesses, bore children, attained livelihood, found their matches, strengthened in faith, merited peace in the home and many found that different prayers of theirs and desires for guidance had suddenly become answered. This includes forty consecutive days of prayer at the Western Wall to merit all salvations.

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After your online contribution is processed, a receipt will be generated and sent to the email address that we have on file for you.  Be sure to send the receipt to along with your prayer request and your name (first and middle name and mother’s first and middle name) so that it can be added to Rav Arush’s prayer list.


You receive a pure silver Kiddush cup with the names of the 64 Rivers of Paradise inscribed on the inside of the cup.