Silver Likutei Moharan Pendant

This pendant contains the holy letters of Hashem’s name “ה (Hey) א (Aleph)” engraved on solid silver, and contains an entire text of Rebbe Nachman’s classic Likutei Moharan inside.


Rebbe Nachman promised that his classic book would always be an effective spiritual guardian against all calamity, and induce blessings for income and offspring.


Here are the words of Rebbe Nachman himself and of the spiritual greats of former generations:


“My book is a protection against all calamity…” Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.


“The virtue of this book is very great, and we kept it in the Yeshiva, because it is a good protection.” (Rebbe Aaron of Belz to his students)


“Rebbe Yitzchak of Varki put on his Shabbat clothes when he heard that Likutei Moharan was printed.” (Rebbe Meir’l of Amshinov)


The “ה (Hey) א (Aleph)” pendant together with its enclosed microfilm airtight copy of Likutei Moharan is a powerful spiritual guardian that also invokes Blessings.


The pendant is 40 millimeters in diameter.



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