Matanot L’evyonim – Purim Mitzvah of Tzedakah

Gifts for the Poor on Purim Day (בו ביום)


100% Charity for the poor.



Matanot L’evyonim – Gifts for the needy – is one of the most important commandments on Purim. According to Jewish Law, every person should give no less than two gifts to two poor people: one gift to each.



Every year, the Chut shel Chessed Yeshiva distributes Mishloach Manot to the needy on the day of Purim itself in your representation for the mitzvah of giving gifts to the needy, making you a partner in the Torah study merit of those hard-working students who divide their day between earning their income and learning Torah.


The Chut shel Chessed Institutions, presided by Rabbi Shalom Arush, support needy families all year round and distribute hundreds of food baskets and donations to those who are less fortunate.


As every year, we ask you to become our partner in this huge mitzvah. Please help us gladden the hearts of these poor families, bringing food to their tables and a smile to their faces on the happiest day of the year!



To make a donation through a representative, contact, +972523868452 on Whatsapp, or call (718) 577-2975.



After your donation is processed, a receipt will be automatically generated and sent to the email address that we have for you on file. Be sure to forward the receipt to along with all the Hebrew names of the people represented by your donation. They will be added to a list of names that will go out to Rav Arush before Mincha on Taanit Esther.