Community Activities

Chut Shel Chessed is not just a center of Jewish studies; it is a warm and supportive community. Every Shabbat, the entire community of approximately 300 people, together with dozens of guests, joins together to celebrate the holy day. The heartfelt singing (Breslev style), sincere prayers and Torah lessons combined with a basic Kiddush and communal seudah shlishit (third Shabbat meal) make Shabbat with Chut Shel Chessed into a unique, uplifting experience, one never to be forgotten. 


One of the most difficult challenges facing returnees to Judaism is the lack of a close family support system. Chut Shel Chessed fills that gap with special classes on child education and more by leading speakers, and heartfelt assistance in times of joy and, God forbid, times of sorrow. 


Chut Shel Chessed encourages women to take an active part in Breslev, and to understand their primary role as partners in building a strong and stable community. Therefore, we support an active N’shei – women’s community. There are weekly classes, special events, workshops, trips to pray at holy sites like The Cave of the Patriarchs and Kever Rachel, and parties before major holidays. These activities greatly support these superhero women, who generally work and raise the children so their husbands can learn Torah all day.


The annual budget for community activities is approximately $50,000.


Rabbi Arush prays daily for everyone who supports Chut shel Chessed and spreads emuna on a monthly basis multiple times a day, including in his personal prayers, every time he recites the Blessing after Meals, and more. Rabbi Arush has spoken multiple times about how important these prayers are, and that people who give even in larger one-time amounts truly lose out. Now, these special prayers will be yours too, if you select monthly donation on the next screen.

A Full Kiddush with Kugel – $500
(You can’t imagine how much everyone enjoys a full Kiddush instead of a few cookies. These guys work hard during the week; all they want is some Yerushalmi Kugel on Shabbat… not to mention all the women and children who look forward to the kugel! A full Kiddush includes potato kugel as well, but that generally gets less fanfare.)


General community events for one month – $1000 a month


You can break the donation (besides Kiddush) into up to 12 monthly payments.


To make a donation through a representative, contact, +972523868452 on Whatsapp, or call (718) 577-2975.


After your online contribution is processed, a receipt will be generated and sent to the email address that we have on file for you.  Be sure to send the receipt to along with the name of the person (first and middle name and mother’s first and middle name) for whom the activity is being dedicated.