Assistance to Orphans and Widows

Chut Shel Chessed Institutions provides financial assistance. Rabbi Arush is personally responsible for their welfare, and therefore full discretion is guaranteed. Rabbi Arush is freely available to provide these broken souls with spiritual and emotional support, in addition to substantial financial assistance.


The children require extra help and support as well. We provide them with a private tutor, hot food, and a lot of love and support. They also receive their school tuition for free.


Our annual budget for assistance to orphans and widows is $50,000.


It costs Chut Shel Chessed $1000 a month to support a widow, and $1800 a month to support the orphans.



Rabbi Arush prays daily for everyone who supports Chut shel Chessed and spreads emuna on a monthly basis multiple times a day, including in his personal prayers, every time he recites the Blessing after Meals, and more. Rabbi Arush has spoken multiple times about how important these prayers are, and that people who give even in larger one-time amounts truly lose out. Now, these special prayers will be yours too, if you select monthly donation on the next screen.


To make a donation through a representative, contact, +972523868452 on Whatsapp, or call (718) 577-2975.


After your online contribution is processed, a receipt will be generated and sent to the email address that we have on file for you.  Be sure to send the receipt to along with your prayer request and your name (first and middle name and mother’s first and middle name) so that it can be added to Rav Arush’s prayer list.