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Yael Karni

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Intimate Connections

Here are some great suggestions from our spiritual leaders that help us invoke more Divine protection in our lives; we all need it…


Depressed? Well, you shouldn’t be. These seemingly negative situations will actually bring about the awakenings in the Jewish People and humanity in general…

The Message is for Us

If Hashem did not give us the Land of Israel, why on earth would we bother to adhere to a very complicated law with many intricacies that’s only applicable to it?


The evil inclination is very clever and devious; it can make us rationalize that we aren’t expected to transcend all our ordeals because we are “only human…”

The Truth is There

Isn't the whole notion of sports and movie idols simply the dark side of the concept of the Moshiach, for whom the whole of Mankind is yearning for?

Advice that Fits

Everyone else's advice was worthy and practical, except that I couldn't connect with any of it. Where does a person go to get the right piece of advice, just for him or her?

Beyond Nature

Do you absolutely believe Hashem can and will help you with everything in your life? If you do, you will surely see Hashem’s hand turning nature upside down for you…

The Shalom Revolution

When we greet our fellow Jew with "shalom", we are bestowing on the blessing of peace on him; we could be changing that person’s situation for the better…

Cruise Control

Hashem sees things from a different perspective than we do. He takes into account each soul's task in this world, as well as that soul's ultimate benefit...

Words Never Lost

Physical matter and energy, according to our holy sources, are indestructible, yet destined to decompose, separate from each other temporarily, only to be later recreated...

The Invisible Guest

Dad, after the heart attack, the intensive care and the gruelling resuscitation, all of a sudden looked remarkably well. He was even smiling. What was he seeing?