Yaacov Dovid Shulman

Yaacov Dovid Shulman

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Laughing at the World

Rabbi Nachman had had the idea of taking his wife, traveling far away and living anonymously. He would go to the marketplace occasionally and laugh at the entire world…

The Man of Compassion

What do we look for in a leader? Rebbe Nachman teaches that a true leader must be a man of compassion, but he be uncompromising with evil people, murderers, and thieves.

Awake at Night

Eye-opening Torah 52 from Rebbe Nachman’s classic “Likutei Moharan speaks about hitbodedut, one’s personal dialogue with God whereby a person can attain a oneness with Hashem.

A Higher Connection

In hitbodedut, a person connects to G-d in a beautifully simplistic way. Although our soul is a part of G-d, we must still open our mouths and create a personal dialogue with God.

Only in Israel

Rebbe Nachman said, “My place is only in the land of Israel. In all my travels, I am only traveling to the land of Israel, and for the moment, I am a leader in Breslev…”