Sunny Levi

Sunny Levi

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Getting Hold of my Senses

After my bout with Corona, I was “over it” but I suffered from headaches, fatigue, lack of taste, smell and more. What I learned in the process is priceless!

The Shape Game

What happens when we are forced into new situations, and our old cut-out of ourselves no longer fits into the box?

Taking Credit for G-d’s Work

My four-year-old daughter thinks that she made the muffins all by herself, when at best she was my assistant… but how often do I make the same mistake in relation to G-d?

Mind Garden

Just like a garden needs to be weeded and planted, so too, our minds must be weeded of the bad thoughts, and planted with the good ones...

Crackers at the Park

While giving out crackers at the park, I learned that when you’re trapped in a self-made shroud of darkness, look up and pierce through to the light.

Part-Time God

Even before I found emuna, I learned a key principle: either you believe in G-d or you don't. To believe in a part-time God with human limitations is dangerous…

When Couches Fly

The piece of furniture, midair, approached menacingly in the direction of my windshield. Complete panic washed over me as if the end of my life was imminent...

The Remedy’s Already Here

"Life is all about adapting to what is and accepting G-d's reality," the Tennessee mountain man told me. "I never feel sorry for myself or focus on the things I lack..."

Humility in the Trees

It's those transitions in life from one phase to another that help us reflect on our progress and purpose, and it's dying that teaches us so much about living...

Spiritual Aikido

The irate neighbor yelled at my husband: "If you don't shut down your wife's karate school in your house right now, I'm calling the city! You're breaking the law, buster!"…

Bringing Home the Gold

Here's the amazing story of Sunny Levi, petite Orthodox Jewish mother of 5 who is a 6th degree black belt Tae Kwon Do Master and former Pan Am champion and Olympic hopeful…