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Shuki Galili

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Fattoush Spring Salad

Fattoush is undoubtedly one of the most delicious salads ever invented, and since it is mainly made from fresh vegetables, it is also one of the healthiest.

Cheesy Sambusak (Iraqi pastry)

On Purim, the Jews of Iraq ate Sambusak pastries filled with cheese and decorated with sesame seeds. Aside from Purim, these versatile pastries can be served as snacks, hot or cold.

Sweet Matzah Pashtidah (Quiche)

Think that matzot are dry and tasteless? Try this simple traditional dish that is a combination of matzot, eggs, nuts, and dried fruits. Its sweet taste and nutty texture is a great side dish at your Passover table!

Kabobs on a Grill Pan

These kebabs are fresher, tastier, and healthier, than the frozen type. Make them on a grill outside or on a griddle pan in the kitchen. Taste the difference!