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Back in the nineties, when ‘supermodels’ were just starting to be massively-paid celebrities in their own right, Israeli-born Avichai Cohen appeared to have it made...

Today’s Erev Rav

Before Mashiach comes, many so-called "religious leaders" will preach falsehood. Truly pious individuals will remain, but they will be widely scattered...

I’m Not a Breslever!

People like to tell themselves, “I’m not a Breslever, so all that stuff about talking to Hashem and having emuna really doesn’t apply to me...”


The dishes stack up in the sink; the kids go berserk trying to get 3 minutes of our attention; our husbands despair of having a home-cooked meal, and what for?

The Voice of Reason

The following exercise shows you how to develop your own ‘Voice of Reason’, which will help you to start relating to yourself in a more compassionate way.

Say Sorry

Our society is so mixed up that we often beat ourselves over minor mistakes. We need to say sorry and be accountable for our actions - but which ones?

Listen with Compassion

Most people don’t react cruelly on purpose; they never realized that there was a compassionate way of handling their interactions. Let's consider the impact of our words...

The Default Option

Your default option is to treat others the way you yourself were treated. If you didn’t experience healthy compassion and empathy, it will be hard to treat others with compassion.

A Lack of Empathy

Verbal cruelty and a lack of empathy are all too common in our culture, but their effects are serious and long lasting...

Healthy Compassion

When someone can’t truly empathize, they’ll usually find it next to impossible to treat the other person compassionately.

Who’s Running the Show?

We all have lots of voices in our head. It’s hard to tell which ones are good or bad, which ones to listen to, and which ones are coming from our “real self.”