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Rachel Avrahami

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Tell Your Story!

We've all made it through some tough times in our lives. Talk about Hashem's miracles in your life! When you recount a story of how Hashem saved you, Hashem Himself calls His legions of angels to come join Him in listening to you recount His wonders!

Hashem Won’t Drop You

It’s like standing at our own personal Red Sea, with nowhere to go and no solution in sight. But even though it seems like Hashem is dropping you, He is really right there...

Purim and Amalek

The light of Purim shines from the beginning of the 13th of Adar through the end of Shushan Purim! This is the perfect time to start investing in truly serving Hashem with all our hearts! Take advantage of these special days when no request is refused!

Where’s Mashiach Already?

Mashiach was supposed to come last year ... and the year before that... What's holding him up?! The situation is becoming unbearable! What can we do to bring a merciful redemption?

Invalid Emuna

OK, so if I can get whatever I believe in, can I make myself suddenly become rich, famous, or successful? Not exactly - but you can get a lot more than you ever imagined! Read on...

Stop Being So Realistic

How often do we create our own painful, self-fulling prophesies? Instead, let's focus on Hashem’s goodness. He does everything for the best just because we look to Him and NOT because of our merit.

Put your Head Down 

Some tests in life are totally overwhelming and unbearable. How do we deal with them without breaking? Where is Hashem’s mercy in all of this?