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Working Miracles

By no small coincidence, "Amalek" and the Hebrew word for "doubt" – safek – have the identical gematria, or numerical value – 240; they are one and the same…

Moshiach’s Dilemma

Everybody expects that when Moshiach comes, he's going to straighten out the other side, the wrong side. The other guys. Then everybody will fall into line according to my way…

My Yom Kippur

I hated the feeling of being so hungry and thirsty and not being able to brush my teeth. My discomfort certainly didn't make my prayer more meaningful for me…

The Wise and the Wicked

Rabbi Brody said to me, “No matter who is right, he is the teacher, and you are the student. You must decide whether you can sit and accept what he says despite what you think…”

Failing for Success

Hashem is a loving Father in Heaven Who controls everything. That means that our failures come from Him too. So why should a loving parent want a child to fail?

The Other Guy’s Mishap

Hashem in His miraculous mercy was calling me to rectify something that needed correction fast, so that I don't go into Rosh Hashana with this excess baggage of blemishes…

Water-Boiler Emuna

“Good morning hun, I have a riddle for you. What do Rabbi Brody eating dinner at our house tomorrow night and our water boiler breaking have in common?"

Forgiveness and Humility

By incorporating an emuna-oriented approach to life, we make peace with the things we perceive to be negative and accept Hashem’s outcomes as all for the best…

Uprooting Today’s Idols

Pinney Wolman, master fitness trainer, shows us how the same principles for developing a healthy body apply in developing a healthy and meaningful relationship with Hashem…