Menachem Zakai

Menachem Zakai

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A Hidden Tzaddik’s Advice

The Mishna says that when we take the Judge's seat on others, Hashem - measure for measure - places us in a similar position, putting us in the court where we convicted them…

His Face Always

Since closeness to our Creator is the ultimate goodness and Hashem wants the best for us, He always has ways of sending us the hint, "Come back to Me now…"

The Purest Emuna

How many have lost faith in our Creator's unlimited power, mercy or His ability to turn things around to reveal that all that happened was for the best?

The Shofar: Breaking Free

What is the teshuvah needed before Rosh Hashanah? How should we prepare ourselves? What should we think about? What does the shofar accomplish for us individually?