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Dennis Rosen

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Giving is Living 

As we progress through the three weeks of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple and our extended exile, let’s remember that the cause is baseless hatred. This can only be remedied by fostering love of Yisrael, both within ourselves and others.

It’s A Miracle!

Rabbi Akiva taught that there were 50 plagues in Egypt and 250 plagues at the Yam Suf. If you think that’s a lot of miracles, think about the thousands of miracles that occur in your body at every moment! Nothing is “natural” or by chance!

Empathy Empowers Prayer

The Jewish people are facing unprecedented difficulties. What can we, as individuals, do to improve the situation? An insight comes from the Priestly Blessing (Bircas Kohanim) and feeling mutual love for each other.

In G-d We Trust

Everyone faces challenges in earning a living. How can we instill a sense of reliance and faith in Hashem when it comes to income?

Holy Focus

Who isn’t distracted during prayers by what’s happening in his life? Here are some strategies to maintain focus during prayer.

Noah – A Second Look

Take another look at Noah and see just how much we can learn from him in our times, when a flood of immorality is once again inundating the world.

Good News Is No News

Are you happy and uplifted by the news? Does it provide tangible benefits? Is it worth the lost time, aggravation, and distraction? If not, try a news fast!

Turn Time into Treasure

Our finite time on this earth is the most precious thing we have. Time isn’t money – time is life, and therefore, time is a treasure we can’t let slip through our fingers!