David Ben Horin

David Ben Horin

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Hashem’s Freeloader

The word “freeloader” conjures up negative images, yet we are all freeloaders to an extent. What’s the right way and the wrong way to freeload...

The Power of Words

The power of speech, both positive and negative, is beyond measure. Words can heal. Words can hurt. Change your words, and you’ll change the world!

Life as a Program

Is Hashem the Master Programmer and we’re His programs running in His cosmic computer system? Or are we the master programmers trying to run our own lives?

The Other Side to Sodom

If you feel like you’re living in an upside-down world, you’re right! The new moral code and justice system are antithetical to the values of our Father, Avraham.

The Coalition of Gog

What we do every moment determines where we reside - with Hashem or with Gog. In this tumultuous time, we have two powerful weapons to protect ourselves.