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David Ben Horin

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Our Daily Bread

We are entering the Yamim Nora’im, The Days of Awe. We are now like full-grown wheat that is ready for harvest. Our job is to remove the chaff within ourselves and, through a teshuva process, become like fine flour. 

Under the Cover of Darkness

In the Messianic era, support of Torah learning in Eretz Yisrael will dramatically increase. The economic situation will be able to easily handle this shift in national investments. How? Read on... 

The Unbroken Chain

Few nations can claim to exist three thousand years ago. Only one nation does the same mitzvot in the same way by learning the same laws that they received on their first day of existence. Our mitzvot are a living testament to the eternal bond Hashem created with us. 

Secretary or Mistress?

We need to ask ourselves - Are internet, social media, and technology helping us to accomplish something in life? Are we getting more out of them than by doing something else?

The Spiritual Journey of Jewish Law 

Following Hashem’s laws makes you more spiritually sensitive. Start with small, easy laws that you’re probably already doing, and then slowly take on another and another. This is the spiritual journey of Jewish Law – you can scale mountains! 

The Myth of Invincibility

In today’s modern world, it’s easy to feel no need for Hashem – we can do everything. Despite feeling invincible, we control nothing. Hashem’s greatest gift to us is when He makes clear to us that He’s the invincible one!

Life with Hashem is a Life 

Change one bad behavior and discover the greatness that was always buried inside. Take on a life of mitzvot, and you force yourself to stop doing all the things that kept you from your own personal greatness. 

The Full Life of a Wheat Field

If we judge a wheat field by the way it looked at a single point in time, we might make the tragic error of judging it to be worthless. Same goes with judging people (including ourselves). Never underestimate the ability to repent!

Hashem to the Rescue

Technology does amazing things, but it cannot do mitzvot for us, nor pray for us, nor learn Torah for us, nor do our daily cheshbon hanefesh. On Shabbat, we let go of technology’s hold on us and take Hashem’s hand. 


People around you are reaching the stars while you're mired in muck? Don't hate someone because they’re more successful than you. It is a gift from God and an opportunity to show Him your emuna in His just world.