David Ben Horin

David Ben Horin

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Replacing USA with G-D 

Is Israel's future really bound up with American politics and diplomacy? Let's review how Avraham Avinu dealt with conflicts between Hashem's commands and outside cultures.

Drinking From the Elixir of Life 

Shem, Noach’s son, pursued doing what is right in Hashem’s eyes. As a result of building a relationship with the Eternal, death is not mentioned when describing Shem’s descendants. What’s the lesson for us today?

Event Handling in Life

Some mitzvot and sins involve doing something while others involve not doing something. These polar opposites are significant in life and can result in either blessings or tribulations.

Divine Diversity

Our civil laws to eradicate racism are not solving the problem. Let's take a different approach and use tried-and-true techniques from the King of Kings!

When All Else Fails

You've seen it all. Nothing phases you anymore. And then you get the shock of your life! After you recover a bit, you look to find the hidden message...