Simple yet Proven Segula

Do you want a segula that is simple, powerful and proven for protection, healing, wealth, success, children, easy labor and much more?

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Posted on 04.05.20

Likutei Moharan – the One Million Edition!


Powerful and Proven Segula


Rabbi Arush promises that Rebbe Nachman’s work Likutei Moharan is a segula for protection of all kinds.


– From accidents, fires and disasters – Likutei Moharan has the same gematria as “esh” – fire. Rabbi Arush promises: “Where there is a copy of Likutei Moharan, there won’t be fires!”


– Rabbi Arush explained that during the Second Intifiada when buses were being blown up all over Jerusalem, and I told everyone: “Keep a copy of Likutei Moharan with you. Wherever you go there will not be a terrorist attack! There will not be missiles!


“Someone came to me during that time and said that a bus was blown up right in front of his office. All the storefronts on either side of his store suffered significant damage, but in his office a cup didn’t even fall over – because he had a copy of Likutei Moharan!”


Rav Arush also commented that the “Kippat Barzel” – the Iron Dome – can’t do anything. But with Likutei Moharan in your home, you create a real Iron Dome! He added: “Let’s create a real Iron Dome for all of Israel!”


Likutei Moharan is also a segula for wealth and success and to protect the money and belongings in the house, children, health and healing, an easy birth – really, for all the miracles and salvations! 


Therefore, Rabbi Arush wants every single home, car, office, and classroom to have a copy!


Put it next to or above the bedside of a sick patient. Put it next to the bed of a birthing woman as a segula for an easy labor. Breslev custom is to have a copy of Likutei Moharan in every room of the house, and especially in the children’s rooms for the protection of the child. We even wear Likutei Moharan on a pendant around our necks.



Only $25 including free air mail shipping to the US! Click here to buy it now!

The Redemption is On its Way


Rebbe Nachman said when the first edition of Likutei Moharan was published: “This is the beginning of the Redemption!”


Rabbi Arush said: “I don’t want there to be a home that doesn’t have a copy of Likutei Moharan in it. Let me explain why. Rebbe Nachman explains that when most of the Jewish people have Likutei Moharan, Moshiach and the Redemption will come with mercy.


“Therefore, I always tried to distribute Likutei Moharan wherever I could. But after the big “Fire of Emuna” campaign, I realized that the entire campaign was there just to encourage me to do the Campaign that I always wanted to do – to distribute 1 million copies of Likutei Moharan. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone, but if we could all come together for the “Fire of Emuna” Campaign, then we can all come together again for this Campaign too!”


Now you too, can have a part in the Redemption with mercy, simply by buying your copy!



Even if You Don’t Understand


This book is in HEBREW. That’s OK – the segula works whether or not you learn from it.


Like the Zohar, almost no one really understands Likutei Moharan. Rebbe Nachman spoke about the importance of learning it, and even just reading the words out loud without understanding. There is a fantastic 15 volume set available in Hebrew with English translation and commentary – but it isn’t feasible for every budget or space. Make sure to have this one volume Hebrew edition with you!


Breslov Tradition has it that the Baba Sali zt”l was careful to keep Likutei Moharan on top of a stack of Torah books, and insisted that his son Baba Meir zt”l only learn the book while standing. I also personally heard from a Viznitzer chassid that the Rebbe zt”l’s grandfather always kept Likutei Moharan on his desk. Everything he did – when he was learning, or giving blessings, etc. – it was on his desk! Needless to say, neither were Breslev! Yet they recognized the importance and holiness of this book.


Rabbi Arush says: “Even if you don’t understand why, just make sure you have one!”


Miracle Stories


The parents of one of Rabbi Arush’s students lived in Haifa during the Second Lebanon War. The problem was that they were elderly, and could not live 24/7 in the bomb shelter. Nor could they get downstairs to safety fast enough. The student asked Rabbi Arush what his parents should do.


“Tell them to sit in the kitchen and put a Likutei Moharan over their heads, like a shield. This will protect them.”


So, if they were caught in their apartment and the air raid siren went off, they sat in the kitchen, each with a copy of Likutei Moharan over their heads. And then it happened – during one strike, a bomb hit their building. The entire apartment was demolished, except the kitchen – and they walked away without a scratch!


Rebbe Nachman once said that if you don’t have the money to buy the book, you should sell the pillow under your head – whatever it takes. The most important thing is that you have a copy.



Click here to buy your copy of the 1 million edition Likutei Moharan now!

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1. Kfir


So you think we should disable iron dome?

2. Francés Montalvo


3. RT Avrahami


I checked with someone in the know and to our understanding (I admit that I was not able to ask R' Arush himself, such a task is virtually impossible) the segula only works with the full Likutei Moharan.


However, Rabbi Arush himself did comment in a lesson that the segula works whether or not you understand what you read. That goes for reading it - it's a very big segula to read Likutei Moharan out loud, even if you understand nothing - much like the Zohar. It also goes for the book sitting in your home, car, and office etc. Of course, it is fantastic to learn Likutei Moharan with a translation and commentary of course - but make sure you have ONE FULL HEBREW LIKUTEI MOHARAN sitting on your shelves, plus one for the car, and one for the office.


While I would argue that something is certainly better than nothing, and if someone was stuck on a desert island then certainly they should keep the single volume with them - why go with b'di eved when you can get a copy for only $25 with free shipping? Skip your morning Starbucks cappuccino for a couple days and you've already got it covered... trust me, Likutei Moharan will wake you up much more! :-)


Besides which, being part of Rabbi Arush's incredible Likutei Moharan Campaign is its own zechut. Personally, we have lots of copies in our home already BH, but I didn't hesitate to run out and pick up one of the "One Million Edition" at my first opportunity. That's a merit I want in my house!


Thank you again for your truly insightful question, and happy to help if you want more clarification.


RT Avrahami, The Editor

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