Palace of the King

The Succah is the King's Palace. Go inside, and with each slow breath appreciate how there is no negativity of any kind in the King's House...

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Dr. Zev Ballen

Posted on 17.09.17

When I was doing personal prayer, a verse kept coming to mind. It’s from Psalm 27, which we continue reading daily until the end of Succoth. As I kept repeating the verse to myself I found myself entering a state of heightened spiritual awareness and mental calm.


The verse reads: "Would that I dwell in the House of G-d all the days of my life to behold the delight of G-d and to contemplate in His Sanctuary."


As I thought about the verse I started to imagine myself actually walking though the giant door to the King’s Palace and being greeted by the kindest most loving servants of the King that I could imagine. I went home and wrote down my experience so that I could share it with others.


  • Now with this verse in mind imagine that G-d is inviting you to live in his House not as a guest, not for an appointment, not only at set times, but as a permanent member of His royal family. As you enter G-d's palace you are given an honored greeting as the royal son or daughter of the King.


  • Imagine how it looks inside G-d's palace, how beautiful are all the sights and sounds and feelings that you have while inside G-d's house. As you breathe deeply, you inhale the sweet scent of paradise.  


  • When you bathe in the Royal bath, imagine how pure you’ll feel.


  • When you eat, it is only the royal food that is fit for the King Himself.


  • When you dress, you are given beautiful royal garments that are custom made for you.


  • When you converse, it is only with your fellow members of the royal family.


  • Now contemplate the delight of being in the presence of the King in His inner chambers. The King, your Father, tells you that as a member of His family, you have the right to be with Him, speak with Him, and receive help from Him regarding absolutely anything large or small that you wish to bring before Him at any time day or night.


  • Imagine as you are sitting privately with the King, your Father, that He smiles and says that as long as you remain in His house that you can let go of all negative, sad, angry, fearful and otherwise stressful and dysfunctional thoughts.


  • With each slow breath think about how much you trust the King's words that you are now free to think only the good, positive, pure and self-confident thoughts that befit a member of the King's royal family.


  • With each slow breath appreciate how there are no words or concepts for negativity of any kind in the King's House; likewise there are no words or concepts to describe the mental turmoil that you used to experience when you were "living" outside the palace.  All problems and despair have ceased to exist and you are realizing that the mental pain, doubt and confusion that you experienced before was only caused by having been outside of the King's house and not for any other reason.  


  • Soon you realize that you never again need to strain yourself to try and think positively because there is no such thing as negativity where you are now. All you need to be perfectly happy and content from now on is to remain in the spiritual palace of the King which you can bring with you everywhere you go simply through your awareness of it.

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