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The horrors of the typical fast-paced western world lifestyle of gluttony, addiction, consumerism and instant gratification has brought us accelerated aging, disease, and obesity…

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Yardena Slater

Posted on 15.11.2015

Amazing as it may seem, Moshiach's arrival really does seem imminent and just in time too. The world's gone off kilter in so many ways but as usual I will focus on the health of our soul-vehicle, otherwise known as the body. The world is getting sicker and sicker and believe you me, most of the conventional "health experts" out there do not have the answers since their expertise is in pathology and sickness, not health.  They'll treat you when you're sick but won't show you how to avoid sickness or how to have the vibrant health that is your birthright.


Toxicity is everywhere so if you're not going to be proactive about creating health, then you're going down. Which I think would be a real shame since like I said, Moshiach is literally knocking at our door.


Wake up. Start paying attention to what you are eating, breathing, drinking and thinking. Don't become a statistic. The end is almost here, you do not want to be limping along at the finish line do you?


The horrors of the typical fast-paced western world lifestyle of gluttony, addiction, consumerism and instant gratification has brought us accelerated aging, disease, obesity, mental instability and more. We can't afford to be dealing with that now, at the End of Days when our focus must be on emuna and walking with G-d every second of every day.


Pay your health debts now. Start today. Do not wait until the last minute when death is knocking at your door or when Rabbi Arush tells you that teshuva and emuna are the only way to go if you want to be spared from the birth pangs of Moshiach, which I do believe he already has. Not so easy to do that when also dealing with the above health issues.


The health care (sick care) industry and many doctors have not done a good job of protecting your health and life. If they would have, we would not be dealing with the shameful statistics of catastrophic disease and overall ill health of even our very young. Do not rely solely on these types of "health" resources. You've got to take charge. Ignorance is not bliss.


Let's start living more in accordance with the Divine principles of health or what I like to call the "Rules of the Road to Health." This is one of the greatest things you can do in order to prepare yourself for the End of Days. Why? Because how can we have laser focus on our most critical spiritual obligation to do teshuva and fortify our emuna when we are not even well as physical beings?


Rabbi Yona of Gerundi writes in Issur Ve'Heter Ha'aroch, 68: Since G-d loves us and it is His desire that we merit the Torah and commandments in the next world, He has warned us regarding our health, to serve Him with a strong and healthy body.


Rabbi Meir Ibn Aldabi in Shvilei HaEmuna writes: A person must obey the laws of health in accordance with healing protocols in order that he will have a healthy body that can conduct itself properly, because a person cannot perform the commandments unless his body is healthy and he safeguards himself from all danger, and then when his body and soul are healthy and strong and pure, he will adopt proper attributes that will enable him to inherit this world and the next.


Please – use your G-d given intelligence and common sense to preserve and improve your precious life and health. Make it as easy as possible for your soul to dwell in your body, which by the way is not even yours. It's on free loan to you for (hopefully) 120 years.


Eating a high percentage of fresh, organic (yea – might as well go the extra mile at this point) fruits and vegetables and their juices, leafy greens, sprouts, herbs, herbal teas, clean water, cultured foods, is one of the safest and most enjoyable ways to regain your health, life and sanity.


Sleep (10pm the latest), sunlight, exercise, and water are some of the best doctors around (and FREE to boot!).


Work a little less, talk to G-d more.


For goodness sake – stop loading up on the same old un-metabolizable junk that leads to toxicity and all health issues to begin with (refined carbs, junk food, fried food, frankenfood, too much dairy and meat, flavored drinks).


The time has come to be in it win. Yes, a lot of us, myself included did foolish things when we were young. We did not honor our health but we didn’t know better and now it's payback time. But it's the only way. Do not rely on pills and treatments, they will never heal. At best they only act as band aids. Time to get real – the road to nowhere stops here.


May we all greet Moshiach in good health, joy, 100% emuna and many good deeds.



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Yardena Slater is certified in raw food nutrition and detoxification. She can be reached at holyhealthiness@gmail.com / www.holyhealthiness.com.

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