Gratitude in Personal Prayer

Breslev Israel is delighted to present our readers with a condensed and practical guide to personal prayer based on the teachings of Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a…

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Sam Mitzmann

Posted on 14.02.2014

A condensed Guide to Personal Prayer based on the teachings of Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a, part 2
Gratitude is the most important element of personal prayer. The Evil Inclination incites a person to cut his expressions of gratitude short and to begin praying for salvation from his problems. Expressions of gratitude are much more conducive in arousing Divine compassion than tears, because the catalyst of a person's’ troubles in the first place is ingratitude.
Ask Hashem to help us understand how everything in our life is for the very best and to thank Him for it.
One should begin with the fixed blessings in our lives (those that don’t change from day to day) such as our parents, our spouses, and our children. Take nothing for granted and don't forget to thank Hashem for our lungs and the air we breathe.
Here are a few things that a person can always be thankful for:
The Torah, the mitzvoth, the Sabbath and holidays, the gift of personal prayers, the privilege of having a connection with tzaddikim, one’s rabbi and spiritual guide, and many more. These are the spiritual blessings that one cannot sufficiently thank Hashem for in a million years of personal prayer. That’s why it’s important to thank Hashem for these blessings at least once a day.
Most of us have two eyes that see, a normal heart, all of our limbs, a functioning brain, and many more blessings. Some people don't appreciate their blessings till they lose them, G-d forbid. By thanking Hashem for our healthy organs one by one, we assure their continued health.
Afterward we can thank Hashem for the particular blessings in the past 24 hours.
The important aspect is to count our blessings and to thank Hashem for them. This is ever so conducive to more and bigger blessings.
Thanking Hashem for our mistakes and setbacks:
“Master of the World,  beloved Father in Heaven, thank You for Your wonderful and personal intervention in my life. Thank You for showing me my shortcomings by letting me make a mistake. Thank You for arousing me to make a greater effort to get close to you. I wouldn't have made this effort if I hadn't experienced the setback.”
Prayer of Thanks
Thank You Hashem, King of Kings and Master of the World!
Thank You for the infinite times that You helped me, supported me, rescued me, encouraged me, cured me, guarded over me and made me happy.
Thank You for always being with me.
Thank You for giving me the strength to observe Your commandments, to do good deeds and pray. Thank You for all the times You helped me and I didn’t know how to say “Thank You.”
Thank You for all the loving kindnesses You do for me each and every moment. Thank You for every breath I breathe.
Thank You Hashem for all the things that I do have, and thank You Hashem even for the things that I don’t have.
Thank You for my periodic difficulties, my occasional setbacks, and for the times when I don’t feel happy, because everything is for my ultimate benefit, even if I don’t see that it’s always for my best…
Deep in my heart, I know that everything that comes from You is the very best for me and designed especially for me in precision and exacting Divine Providence, of which only the King of Kings is capable.
Thank You for the periodic times that are difficult for me, for only that way they enable me to fully appreciate the good times, for only after being in darkness one can appreciate the light.
Thank You for the wonderful life you have given me.
Thank You for every little thing that I have, for everything comes from You and from no one else.
Thank You for always listening to my prayers.
Creator of the World, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for all the times that I didn’t appreciate what You gave me, and instead of thanking You I only complained.
I am dust and ashes and You are the entire universe. Please, don’t ever cast me away.
A person can take a shortcut to happiness by searching for his own good points and rejoicing in them to the point of singing and dancing.
To be continued

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Breslev Israel is delighted to present our readers with a condensed and practical guide to personal prayer based on the teachings of Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a…

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