The Price of a Miracle

So far, Israel’s $50,000-per-piece hi-tech, state-of-the-art defense missiles haven’t been able to stop the $50-per-piece Gaza-garage-produced Kassam missiles.

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Rabbi Lazer Brody

Posted on 14.02.10

We often take for granted the fact that we, the Jewish people, live on miracles. The Jewish people in Israel especially exist on a higher-than-nature plateau that defies any natural course of events. Only an idiot would attribute Israel’s existence to military might and so forth. On a military level, as we ever-so-painfully all the time in the south of Israel, Israel still has no air-tight technological/military answer to missile warfare. So far, Israel’s $50,000-per-piece hi-tech, state-of-the-art defense missiles haven’t been able to stop all the $50-per-piece Gaza-garage-produced Kassam missiles that still fall periodically in the south of Israel, from Ashkelon to Sderot and all points in between. The Hamas missiles are a tiny threat compared to the quantity and quality of the Hezbollah, Syrian, and Iranian missiles aimed at every square centimeter of our beloved Holy Land this very moment.

People have the mistaken impression that we can sit back and do nothing while Hashem gives us miracles. That’s wrong. The miracle of Purim was only after Esther said to Mordechai (Esther 4:16), “Go gather all the Jews… fast for me, don’t eat or drink for 3 days and 3 nights; I and my handmaidens shall fast likewise.” In other words, the entire Jewish people made complete teshuva and returned to Hashem.
The existential threat of this generation is just as bad as it was in the time of Haman. Iran’s and Assad’s designs together with their proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as Al Qaeda now in Sinai in accordance with global Islamofascist objectives, are no different than Haman’s platform. The lip service of the West and their failure to take any tangible measures against Iran only show that we can’t trust our so-called allies or any other flesh and blood for that matter.
Although we don’t know what our own politicians stand for, since they promise one thing before elections and quickly change their minds after the elections for political expediency, our neighbors are not politically expedient. They have a clear political and military agenda that’s based on the destruction of the Jewish people, just like Haman. The words “Israel” and Zionism” are only excuses for the desire to kill Jews.
Every Adar, Hashem renews the miracle of our survival. That’s what the joy of Purim is all about. Hashem’s salvation was not some one-shot deal for the history books; it’s live, actual, timely, and right there with us this very moment serving as our protective shield. Hashem’s ever-vigilant Divine Providence and His surefire salvation are miracles that we must recognize, appreciate, and cherish. Our lives depend on them.
Who needs more martyrs? Who needs more public sacrifices of righteous people – especially children – who are taken from this world as an atonement for the Jewish People? Let’s gather all the Jews and commit to genuine teshuva. If that’s too hard, let’s help spread emuna in the world. We can start by teaching the bedtime “Shema Yisrael” prayer to every Jewish child we know. Here is the The Shema Prayer in PDF with the original Hebrew, transliteration, and translation; send it to everyone you know. Our sages tell us that the mitzvah of saying Shema Yisrael” alone is enough to save us from any and all calamity. Happy Adar!

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