A Spy in Enemy Territory

Every one of us in this generation is like a Special Forces spy, deep inside enemy territory, and the outcome of the war rests squarely on our shoulders…

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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Posted on 23.08.21

In our generation, we’re all spies. 

The world is filled with thick, heavy, spiritual darkness. Each of us in enveloped in it, isolated by it. Therefore, by definition, anyone who is on the side of holiness and is serving Hashem is doing so deep within “enemy territory,” fighting an unseen albeit powerful spiritual enemy. 

Just walking out into the street is dangerous. The street is filled with a “spirit of insanity” and all forms of sexuality, immorality and immodesty. The air itself is poisonous. We each do our spiritual work surrounded by powers of the “Sitra Achra – the Other Side” of impurity.  

Even inside one’s own home, the tests don’t end – in fact, they are just beginning. No one knows what anyone is doing inside the confines of his home. It used to be that one had to venture into the streets and look for the worst sins. Now, those sins follow him around in his pocket, and when he’s alone in his bedroom is specifically the worst test of them all.  

Therefore, in order to succeed in our mission and serve Hashem in our generation, you must have an iron will and a heart of steel, dedicated solely to remaining faithful to Hashem and His Torah. 

G-d is testing us without end, test after test. If Hashem Himself didn’t help us to withstand those tests, any one of us is liable to falter and become unfaithful to Hashem in a split second, Hashem should save us. The situation is truly very, very difficult. Exceedingly difficult! 

However, we must look at this reality from the opposite side. If the tests are so great, then it must be that our work is critically important! Just like a good spy, whose efforts might just help win the war – so too, our efforts are so crucial, so powerful and so important, that any one of us might just be the one that finally tips the scales and brings the Redemption! I really mean it – and I’m not exaggerating.  

Never forget this rule – as big as the tests are, that’s how big and important the work that you’re doing is! 


Caution – Tests Ahead  

The most important weapon in this war is simple emuna 

We can’t forget for one second that all of these tests have been personally designed for us by the Almighty G-d Himself. They aren’t random or happenstance. G-d has His reasons and we don’t need to understand them. All we need to know is that Hashem is testing us, trying us, and smelting us “to know if you love Hashem your G-d with all of your heart and soul.” 

You must recognize the greatness of the hour and the critical importance of your work, and fulfill the rest of that verse: “You shall follow after Hashem your G-d and you shall fear Him, you shall guard His commandments and hearken to His voice, you shall serve Him and cling to Him.”  

This is the time to serve Hashem with self-sacrifice! To sacrifice ourselves to learn Torah, to strengthen our emuna and fulfill every last detail written in The Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch). We must pump into ourselves the clear advice and wisdom of the Torah like water to a parched throat, and not G-d forbid let in anything from the street or the media. 

Ours is a generation of birur, clarification. There are very great and difficult tests pounding us from every side in order to sift out who is truly walking with Hashem, and who just wants to release himself from the “burden” of Torah, mitzvot and emuna. 


The Biggest Test – True Respect 

Today the tests aren’t just plentiful – we are specifically being tested the hardest on the most important and critical aspects of Judaism. If before we had to work a bit in order to sin, today every sin, every lust and every addiction is just laid in front of us. It’s easy, it’s available, and it’s everywhere. I don’t need to go into any greater detail about the incredible tests in these areas that we face in this generation.  

The most important area in which we must remain faithful to Hashem is specifically in the area of holiness – modesty and guarding the eyes. 

Therefore, I am calling on every single Jew – strengthen yourself with all of your might in these areas for the sake of Hashem and the Jewish people, and the entire world! 

To the precious Jewish women – don’t copy whatever you see people wearing and doing on the street. Don’t copy other women who embarrass themselves and their families. Never forget that real beauty is inside, and this true inner beauty is specifically revealed when the body is covered and modest! Modesty is your real beauty, and your real honor! Don’t fall for the cheap substitute of fake respect which only ends with you being used and thrown away!  

Modesty is real respect and also the true honor and respect of your families, your husbands, and your children. Even the non-Jews respect and appreciate Jewish modesty, as Bilaam said, “How good are your tests Jacob, your dwellings Israel.” 

Just like a spy can help swing the war – so too, your modesty in dress, speech, and behavior influences all of the Jewish people and the entire world!  

It is this modesty which will bring you to your true success, because a woman’s success depends on her level of modesty. Additionally, your husband’s success and also your children’s success are directly dependent on your modesty! There simply is no substitute for the happiness and satisfaction brought by a happy and successful marriage, and righteous and successful children. 


Income – for Who? 

To the Jewish men, you must carefully guard what you let into your mind so as to guard your heart from being burned by lust, and thus sully our Inner Holy Temple. That goes for what walks by on the street as well as what you see and do inside the confines of your home. 

We’ve all heard too many stories of families destroyed and promising young men decimated when they brought into their home small, dangerous devices “for business needs (literally the sake of income).” The suffering of the wives, the children, and the parents is too great to bear. The only one who is making any income on this situation is the Evil Inclination, whose coffers are overflowing with profits because that little device makes it just so easy to destroy whole families in one moment. 


Victory is Easier than You Realize 

My precious brothers and sisters, we are truly embroiled in a gigantic war with difficult battles. But we can vanquish this enemy! 

We have our righteous sages and their advice to strengthen us. Emuna never changes and the Torah never changes, no matter what – and this simple truth can give us the power to rise to every challenge! We cannot let anything move us even a millimeter from the Code of Jewish Law. And we must pray at length that Hashem should guard and strengthen us and enable us to fulfill our mission! 

The powers of evil and impurity know that the Jewish people believe in G-d and love Hashem and that we easily return to Hashem and repent. Therefore, they are putting all their efforts into confusing us in an effort to damage our identity as the holy nation of G-d. 

Don’t let them get to you! Don’t forget your identity – you are a holy Jewish spy! Even though you face your tests alone, never forget that your efforts bear fruits for the entire Jewish people and the entire world. And every sin, every lust, every violation of our faithfulness to Hashem has dire consequences, and can bring terrible tragedies and horrible damage to the Jewish people and the entire world, G-d forbid.  

These are the tests of this generation, the generation of Special Forces spies. It’s in your hands! We’re counting on you. 

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