The world is going through tough, uncertain times. Who doesn't need special protection and big merits? Especially if you are stuck outside of the Land of Israel...

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Rachel Avrahami

Posted on 09.06.20

Years ago, right after Rabbi Yeduda Zev Lebovitch zt”l passed from this world and Rabbi Arush first started speaking about his frightening prediction for the Jews of America, Rabbi Lazer Brody said: “If you can’t move to Israel right now, at least pray for it, and distribute emuna, so that wherever you are, you are Hashem's shaliach (messenger).”


I second that. Rabbi Arush teaches in his book A New Light that the critical issue is your will. If you want it and pray for it every day, then it is as if you already achieved it! It takes time, patience and obstacles to get there in practice – the best things in life don’t come easy. Hashem knows that and doesn’t count it against you “in the meantime.” Open that tik Aliyah with Nefesh B'Nefesh – you don't need to have any actual plans to come at a particular time – and fill it with prayers! It worked for me and many others – much faster than we ever dreamed!


Distributing emuna – it is the biggest merit that exists, literally. As Rabbi Arush often quips, “No charity in the world touches the shoestrings of spreading emuna.” There is nothing better that you can do with your time and money in this world to earn merit, special protection, bring the Redemption with mercy and get everything good in this world and the next besides spreading emuna. Nothing!


Encouraging others to move to Israel is also very important. You can even just share an article with them and make sure that No One is Left Behind.


However, I would also like to add some more very good ideas for anyone who is currently stuck wherever you might be. In fact, they are great ideas even for people in Israel – who doesn’t want special protection and big merits?!




Pray for the Jewish People

As part of Rabbi Arush’s “I love every Jew campaign,” he explains that before you pray for anything for yourself, you should say “Hashem, I love every Jew! I want every Jew to have everything good!” and then pray for all of the Jewish people to have what you want.


For instance here, you can pray “Please Hashem let all the Jews move to Israel – with honor, with their money, with their possessions, right away! Let them all learn emuna so they can thrive in the Land of Emuna! Let them appreciate the Land and want to come! You can do anything Hashem, and you want all the Jews in Israel! Please, do your real will, and enable everyone to come right away!” Then you add your own personal prayers for Aliyah, or to thrive in the Land if you are already blessed to be here.



Don’t Be Afraid

Rebbe Nachman teaches that whatever you are afraid of, Hashem gives you over to be under its control! That’s really scary… But if you are only afraid of Hashem and going against His will, and are not afraid of anyone or anything else – then Hashem totally protects you, and no evil can befall you whatsoever.


Rabbi Arush just spoke about disintegrating fear with regards to Corona – Parts 2, 3 and 4 of Rabbi Arush on Coronavirus. Just replace “Corona” with “What will be?” or whatever else, and follow the advice!



Repent Every Day

I heard that Rabbi Kanievsky shlita said that it is officially dangerous to be outside the Land of Israel right now, and the Gemara says that we are supposed to be even more careful to avoid danger and dangerous situations than we are to avoid prohibitions of the Torah!


Rabbi Arush taught during one of the Operations a few years ago that even performing a mitzvah does not provide the necessary Divine protection when in a dangerous place. The only protection is teshuva – repentance. Every single day, to discuss with Hashem in detail what you did over the previous day. For the things you did right, thank Hashem who enabled you to succeed physically and spiritually. For the mistakes, feel regret and ask Hashem to help you in the future.


Remember that you are standing before Hashem – your loving Father who loves you more than you could ever imagine. He isn’t here to strike you with a lightning bolt. He believes that you are intrinsically good and worthy, much more even than you do. He knows the mistakes aren’t you. He only wants you to recognize your limitations, recognize your level and drop your arrogance, and ask for His help.



Invoke Rabbi Nachman’s Merit

Let’s face it – all of us need some serious “protektzia” right now. Go to the heavy hitter – Rebbe Nachman himself.


First off, keep a candle burning in your home in Rebbe Nachman’s merit. Olive oil is much better, but sometimes it isn’t possible. Many people do this using a special bowl or glass (just search our store for “Ner Tamid” for some examples) but even a 7 day candle will do. Rebbe Nachman teaches in The Aleph Bet Book that a candle in his merit is a protection from shmad. It is translated as “forced conversion” but it really means “destruction” – pogroms, anti-Semitism, terror attacks, plagues, and the like. I also heard in the name of another tzaddik that it does wonders for the emotional health and stability for the members of the home, in addition to many other wonderful benefits.


Even more importantly, make sure that you have a Likutei Moharan in your home! There is a good reason why Rabbi Arush is working to distribute 1 million copies. Read more here about the awesome power of just having the book in your home, your car, your car – even if you can’t understand the Hebrew.



Charity Saves from Death

Never underestimate the power of even small amounts of charity, every day. Put a quarter, or 18 cents, or if you want to go for the “big bucks” $1.80 in the tzedaka box every day. Here in Israel I generally donate 1.80NIS. Before you drop the money in, say “For the merit of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, may his merit protect us, amen.”


Rabbi Arush once mentioned the power of giving tzedaka in the merit of Rebbe Meir Baal HaNess and saying “Elokai d’Meir aneni – The G-d of Meir, answer me” three times. He commented that many tzaddikim are careful to do this every day!


Rabbi Arush also commented once that Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchov was so strong on finding the good points in the Jewish people, that an entire treasure house of free gifts was created to give free gifts to anyone who gives tzedaka and asks for a free gift in the merit of Levi Yitzchak ben Sara Sasha.



Simple Emuna

Don’t forget that in the end all and be all – “there is no power greater than emuna.” Hashem is in charge of you and everything He does is for the best, including your location, situation, and every other detail down to the food on your plate. The greatest protection of all is simple emuna in Hashem – G-d is in control, He is doing exactly what He wants, and everything that He does is for the best.


Use The Law of Thank You and cancel your suffering! Thanking Hashem is the highest level of emuna. Thank Hashem for whatever circumstances you are in, because truly, they are the best for you at this moment. Being stuck outside of Israel is definitely suffering – so use the Law to cancel it. The law works!


Rabbi Arush also spoke about other reasons why sometimes it is better to Stay Put for Now a few years ago – and what to do while you're stuck outside the Land. It speaks to us now, more than ever!


Rabbi Arush recently spoke at length about Aliya in his recent Q&A session! Watch it right here:





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1. Yehudit


You made some excellent points (and I'm speaking from the experience of making Aliyah more than 30 years ago!


Take the practical steps of opening a file with Nefesh b'Nefesh, debulk your home/office, and make financial plans so that when you can move, you'll be ready to go.


At the same time, pray for all Jews, think and talk emuna to strengthen others, give tzedakah! Hashem can remove all obstacles if He see that you're sincere about Aliyah.


Jews outside of Israel, know that we are waiting anxiously for you to join us already!!

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