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You can bring the Redemption closer, and it only takes one minute, and costs nothing… Could it really be that the most important thing is so very simple?

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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Posted on 08.06.20

 Continued from Part 1 – No One Left Behind


What Can We Do? 

The reality might be difficult to bear, but we don’t want to be the proverbial ostrich that refuses to accept reality with disastrous results. However, before you throw your hands in the air and say, “But what can we do about it?” recognize that we have a super powerful tool in our hands – to distribute emuna. Remember the words of Rabbi Lebovitch zt"l who both predicted a catastrophe in America, and also provided us with a cure: "As long as Rabbi Arush's teachings are being spread in the world, nothing bad will happen to the Jewish people!"


The more people learn emuna, the more harsh decrees like this one are sweetened and cancelled G-d willing. The more people learn emuna, the more they want to move to Israel, and thus be saved from whatever all these tzaddikim are seeing coming in the future. The more people learn emuna, the more they live a sweet, happy and fulfilling life.  Rebbe Nachman teaches that the exile is only because of a lack of emuna, and therefore, the more people learn emuna, the faster the Final Redemption comes – and with mercy!


The problem is that with Corona, the usual distribution channels are evaporating. No more books being sold at lectures, no more tens of thousands of books being sold on tours, difficult and expensive shipping books outside of Israel, virtually no live classes, etc.


But we have access to something even more powerful, which can reach even more people, and in the blink of an eye! It's called – SOCIAL MEDIA. Rabbi Arush has spoken at length about the evils of Internet and social media and how they are destroying the world, but now we are being given an opportunity to use these same tools to save the world! We can literally use their poison, and turn it into an elixer of life!


It is so easy to earn the ilustrious title of a mizakeh harabim, someone who strengthens others in the service of G-d. Such a person earns a portion in the highest parts of Gan Eden, and earns more merit in one moment than is possible through regular Torah learning and prayer for an entire lifetime! This includes special protection from Heaven, because someone who worries about Hashem’s children – Hashem worries about him.  


It takes just a minute and costs nothing! Distributing emuna is as simple as sharing an article or video from this website by email or click Share to link right into other social media channels. You can also like and share a post on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or YouTubeor other social media. Just this little, tiny effort and no cost can save someone's life!


Here are some amazing stories about how easily others were able to Save A Life by distributing emuna!



Put It Into Practice

Of course, nothing compares to giving someone a book or booklet in hand. We offer bulk discounts for those spreading emuna – it's basically our cost.


To Order: 

In Israel, call Freida at 054-224-0696.

In the US, call Rachel at 323-992-6090, or email her at


You can easily arrange either for us to send you books, booklets or CDs at cost to give out to your friends, or to sponsor someone at the Yeshiva to distribute them for you. This includes people outside of Israel and you can choose the content you want to distribute (for instance, someone who wants to get married might distribute The Garden of Peace as a merit for them to find their soulmate, or The Garden of Education for someone who wants children, or The Garden of Healing for someone who needs healing – or 100 booklet versions of these books).  



Here are some packages (we give you approximate cost in dollars at the current exchange rate, but please note that the final charge will be in shekels from Israel):

  • – 350NIS (about $100) for 10 of Rabbi Arush's books 

  • – 200NIS (about $55) for 10 Likutei Moharan books 

  • – 250NIS (about $70) for 100 booklets


If you need a tax receipt, pay through PayPal. Be sure to put in the memo "for distributing books" or whatever you want us to do on your behalf. 



Please watch this short video from Rabbi Arush about the importance of distributing emuna: 



Someone who has emuna – no matter what he lacks or doesn’t have – he is happy with everything! Content and happy with his portion!


In contrast, someone can have everything – wealth, a wife, children – he has everything. But he doesn’t have emuna. Rebbe Nachman says, “His life is not a life.”


So let’s theoretically say that someone has emuna but otherwise, he has nothing. But he has emuna – then he has everything!


Well, this is emuna – a person with emuna only thinks positively. He only sees good. He sees Hashem, and knows it will only be good. What will be with the Jewish people? Only good! There is Hashem, and Hashem is only good. What will be? It will be good.


People have fears: “What will be, maybe it will be like this, maybe it will be like that?” The Creator of the World wants the people of Israel to do teshuva (repent).


I said to Hashem, “The heart of each and every one is in your hands. Wake up their hearts so that everyone will distribute emuna!” Anyone who has a book, a booklet, thank you notebook, CD, DVD, whatever you might have – start distributing them. Therefore, I call out to you – Go teach others emuna! Everyone must make an effort. Contact us to buy emuna materials and give them to other people! Call us, order, and invest something for the sake of the Jewish people, and for the sake of Hashem. Invest a little! Hashem, you see everyone's heart, see to it that everyone wakes up to really believe that the most important thing is distributing emuna.


Remember, someone who truly believes in Hashem – Hashem tells him: “I only ask one thing of you – request everything you need from me.” Therefore, I ask Hashem to give anyone whoever has one of my books or booklets etc., I ask Hashem to give you the heart to give them to other people.


Hashem should enable the whole world to recognize Hashem and that the Jewish people should return in complete repentance, and that we will soon merit the complete redemption in our days, Amen!

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